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Hi Elena, Yet another superb Hirota gi! Ordered yesterday, delivered early this morning as usual. The quality of the gi as always is superb, as is the service! what more could one ask?!
Thank you so much, Graham Knight

Hi Elena,
Forgot to say thanks for all your help. My new Gi fits like a glove and is fantastic quality.
I will definitely be back ordering again.
All the best. Carl 

Hi Elena,
Suit arrived yesterday. Many thanks for the prompt delivery. The suit looks great.
I’m looking forward to training in it!
Kind regards, Dave

Morning Elena.
Just to let you know I have received my gi this morning.
It fits amazingly and is just what I wanted.
Thank you very much for your help with the process and sorting out the confusion for me. Regards Ashley

Hi Elena,
I have received the gi and I'm very happy with it! Will be ordering another one just after Christmas as a spare.
Many thanks again. Karl

The belt arrived and I am very pleased with the design and embroidery! Please pass on my regards and compliments to the team in Japan and especially to the embroiderer.
Thank you very much to you as well for liaising with me, it has all been very much appreciated. David

Many many thanks belt arrived today looks brilliant.

Thanks for all your help. Ben

Good morning Elena. Last night I had the absolute pleasure of presenting my Sensei his new Obi.
His very words were "Wow that is beautiful"
Arigato Gozaimashita. 
Adrian Riley


Hi Elena. The Pinack Gi looks fantastic, I’m going to order a second Pinack Gi tomorrow, the England coach really liked it too.
Regards Kevin Ramsey

Hi Elena, the gi has arrived, looks and feels great!
Thanks very much for getting it here on time, I really appreciate it.
Best wishes Damian Howden

Hi Elena, I just wanted to drop you a short line to thank you for the new gi which arrived a couple of days ago.  I used it tonight and must say it was fabulous.  It is comfortable and flexible and I think looks great.  I will order the next one over the weekend.
Thanks again Elena. Kind regards, Chris

Hi Elena just a quick email to say thanks again gi arrived on time ,fits perfect and got loads of movement init can really feel the quality will wear it with pride,
Vincent Anderson (Barrhead Karate club, Scotland)

I received my made to measure Gi this morning and all I can say is Wow,wow,wow.
I am so impressed it is without question the best Gi I have ever seen or worn and the measurements are perfect.
Thank you.
I am sure it will last for years and years but I will certainly be back in fact I am never going to wear another Gi ever again I am totally converted. Well done. Have a great Christmas and thanks again,
Chris Beard

Dear Elena, I just received the belt. It is fantastic!
Thank you so much for all your effort!
Met vriendelijke groet, Geoffrey Pieloor

Thank you so much for the Help.  My new gi is  great. I love the cut and fabric.
Thanks again for great service and product.
Oss Maureen Hunter (Canada)

Hi Elena

Gi received and looks and fits really well. Thanks for your help.

Kind regards Paul


Dear Elena,
Thank you very much for all your help while ordering my Gi.
Just picked it up today and it's perfect! Everything fits just right.
I'm more than happy with the quality! If there's any way you can pass on my thanks to the tailors I'd be grateful.
Thank you again, Kristof

 Good morning Elena,
Oliver's gi arrived yesterday as you said it would....much earlier than expected....It is a perfect fit and he is absolutely delighted with it.
I wanted to say a huge big thank you for all your help and for sorting everything out for me. I really appreciate it, and it has made getting a new gi less of a stress than I thought it would were always kind and obliging in your emails, and nothing was too much trouble for you, so again, I want to say thank you very much Elena for all your help...

I wish you and Ichiban much success and will certainly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a new gi…
Thank you so much
Kind regards 
Trevor Milner

Hi there, just to confirm that the suit arrived, it fits and it is fabulous!
David Perry

Hi Elena, My Gi and belt both arrived on time and I wore both to train yesterday so they have been acquainted with Tekki Shodan and Kanku Sho.  It was a small class of 3 students with John Cheetham focussing on the kata, but the nice thing about the club is that we have all trained together for 30 years and in some ways is more of a study group than a formal class.
It has been a pleasure to make this purchase from you, and I have enjoyed the more personal contact and exchange of emails.  I will be sure to check your site when I next need to make a purchase.
Kind regards Kevin

Hi. Just wanted to say thank you so much. The belt is perfect and my husband loves it. Happy new year to you. 
Annette Connell

I have received my Gi bottoms and I'm very pleased thank you for sorting this out. Have a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year to you and your family. Many thanks,
Wayne Gutierrez 

Hi Elena, Very pleased with the new Hirota heavyweight GI and the name embroidery also looks very good. Fit is also just right for me and shows how much my old GI as shrunk over the years. Will now consign my 30 year old Tokaido GI to the cupboard as backup. After 35 years of Shotokan training, plus a 10 year break, I will be going for my 3rd Dan next year (I am 68 today) and still going strong due to karate.Many thanks for your great service and communication. Will be recommending Ichiban and the Hirota brand to my karate friends.
Kind regards, Roy Humphreys

Dear ElenaI just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting the belts to us on time for our ceremony tomorrow. Our two black belts will be thrilled and they look fantastic!!! Thank you again. Have a wonderful weekend :-)
Catherine. Dojo Van Rel. Shotokan Karate

Hi Ichiban, Just wanted to say thanks. I arrived at work today and it had been delivered already! Great service. I'll be the best dressed white belt in town. Just need to learn to do it justice now.
Thanks again Ben

Hello Ichiban, Many thanks for your customer service it’s 1st class. The suit arrived today so once again thank you.
Charles Robertson (Scotland)

Dear Elena, got the belt yesterday and wanted to thank you for the prompt and good service!
Best regards Ralf (Germany)

My suit came yesterday in the post, ridiculously fast postage, best suit I have ever put on! Thank you so much :)
Jamie Limburn

Hi Elena, Just to say thanks for the pinack Gi. It fits and is really light compared to my old heavy Tokaido. I will certainly recommend and be coming back to you for a few more gi's in the future. Also, thanks for the belt! Great service! With Kind Regards,
Paul (North Finchley, London)

Hi elena Just to let you know I have received my belts and I'm very happy! Many thanks,
Wayne Gutierrez

Hi Elena, I had a hirota gi back when I was in Japan many years ago and I had to get another one when I resumed practice in UK. The heavy weight gi I received is fantastic and I recommend Hirota. They are not cheap, but it is money well spent - many thanks,

Dear Elena. My Gi arrived as promised.The Gi is excellent in every respect - a perfect fit and feel and I am delighted with the embroidery. Thank you for all your help and advice.
Yours in Karate-do
Jeff (Rand) MCMI - Yondan

I'm very happy to have just received my second beautifully embroidered Hirota dogi in a year from Ichiban International. The personalised service that Elena provides is unrivalled - truly 'ichiban' (number one)!
Sora Zushi - 3rd Dan ISKF (UK)

Dear Ichiban. I received my new Gi today and it is absolutely fantastic. My last order with Hirota a few years ago via a different supplier went quite wrong so I was very anxious about this order. It fits beautifully this time and feels great, I really couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much.
Vicki (Scotland)

I have just received my new Hirota Karate Gi, it’s a full made to measure very heavy gi and its absolutely awesome, it fits perfectly and the feeling when you practice kata is unique (it’s snap effect is also very good). Great work from Hirota!
I also have to say that the services provide by Ichiban International was more than perfect.
My order was a difficult one, because I wanted some very special embroideries and many things were unclear but Elena Floris was always there and we finally achieved the perfect result. Elena is very professional and friendly.
I strongly recommend Ichiban International for your purchases.
Oss, George, KarateKa (1st dan Shito Ryu) and architect

I received my gis today and I must say they are beautiful the workmanship, embroidery and cut are amazing a big thank you to everyone at Ichiban for a terrific product and excellent customer service...thanks again
Stan Smith

Sensei dear Elena, my last word on the very special gi (very heavy weight)! I trained at the club in the new gi, and it was superb, probably the nicest gi I have ever trained in.
I am relieved to see the remaining size 6 has disappeared from the website (I kept checking!), as I was seeriously tempted to have another! Thank you SO much once again, with every good wish,


Hello Ichiban, I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my gi and the service you provided. The gi arrived within 2 weeks despite being out of stock. It made such a difference to my karate and was so pleased I was able to wear it to the JSKA world championships. I think I am going to get a second gi. Thanks again, Ken

Hi Guys! Well done Ichiban, ordered my Hirota heavy weight Gi on Sunday at 8pm, on my door step by 9.30am Tuesday!!! Great service. Oss, Thanks,

Thanks again Elena, I received my belt, it is fantastic. I love it,,, I am looking forward to ordering a new gi.
Oss Mark Bowman

Dear Ichiban, I received my suit today. I love the way it fits and feels, now I understand all your great reviews, they're all so true.Thanks!
Svetlana Bozickovic (London)

Dear Elena,
I have received the package, and I would just like to say a huge thank you for the amazing service you and Ichiban international have given me! It is rare to encounter such high level of customer care, especially the precautions and consideration for the customer and their specific order. I'm very very happy with my new uniform! and again I wish to thank you again for guiding me patiently throughout the entire transaction. Many thanks!! Best regards, Happy customer
Raymond (Hong Kong)

Hi Elena,
I wanted to say a very big thank you for all the personalised help with ordering my gi !!
There aren't too many places you can expect this level of support and service in online ordering and you guys have been awesome in dealing with my return and shipping out a new size instantly, with extremely fast delivery!
I will definitely be coming back to you for any future orders and recommending you to my friends.
Best regards,
Seb Kern

Hi Elena
My second gi has just arrived. Well pleased. Fantastic service from Ichiban. I will be using you as my sole supplier..
Kind regards
Stephen Best

Thank you,
My colleague received the belt and is vary happy with it. Regards,
Iain Rodger (5th dan) Chief Instructor; IKKU (Scotland)

Hi Elena.
I am so impessed with my Hirota gi from Ichiban. First class gi, excellent advice from you personally, and very fast delivery. I have just ordered another gi from you. Great service.
Stephen Best (Northern Ireland)

Thanks for the speedy reply. The main reason I decided to order through Ichiban International was the feed back on customer service and professionalism. Order has been placed.
Thanks again and I look forward to training in the best. Kind Regards,
Grant Anderson (A Kiwi Bloke)

Hi Ichiban, Many thanks for the new gi.
It arrived very, very quick, and it's ...just perfect.
Thank you, and I'll be back soon to order some more stuff from you.
Maybe I'll go once to London for a training session, with my new gi (and belt).
Kind regards, Lucian (Cambridgeshire)

Just received two beautiful belts from Ichiban International, a great service as always!
Osu! Kyokushin Karate Scotland

Hi, received my new obi this morning and absoloutely delighted at my purchase.
Thank you for your help and very speedy work. Regards

I received already. I am very satisfied with the service and I will pubblicizzarvi for proven reliability. Regards
Fabio Almici (Italy)

I want to inform you that I just got my lovely "Gift Box" and I am very pleased with the speed in the processing of purchase to date of delivery.
I wish you the best because Karate-Do lovers need you deeply! Thank you,
Oss, José (Portual)

Hiya. I received my karate suit this morning. Fantastic, prompt service and the gi is everything thing you promised on your web site.
Thank you so much.
Chris Hallam

I was afraid about having a suitable karate gi because I never ordered a full made to measure one before.
But it is perfect and I am very happy!
Thank you very much to the people who made it!
With best wishes
Margit Venesaar (Estonia)

Hi Elena, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for my fabulous gi.
I can't believe what a difference it makes and how great it feels to train in.
I can actually concentrate on karate now instead of how uncomfortable my gi is!!!
Georgina (London)

The karate club I’m in has a tradition that when one of the students gets his third dan, the other senior grades club together to buy him a belt to mark the special occasion.
We go for the best quality silk belt available and have his name embroidered on it.
His first or surname is spelt out, not with the more usual Katana (used for foreign names) but in Japanese Kanji.
The syllables are matched to the pronunciation, but with a meaning which matches his temperament and his karate. 
For example; The surname ‘Shevill’ came out as meaning, “Arty teacher with hard fists”. If you knew him, you would understand!
We are very pleased with the recent black belt Ichiban has supplied. They were helpful over the choice of Kanji. The belt and Kanji look superb.

Hi! I received my medium weight gi today and I wanted to say how awesome it is!
It surpasses anything I've worn from Shureido and Tokaido in the past. The quality of the material and the workmanship is exactly how you hope and while feeling robust enough to last, it still feels like a thing of beauty.
This was the first time I've bought from Ichiban and I was amazed at how quickly my uniform came.
The made to measure option says to allow 4-8 weeks so I thought what with Xmas,
I'm in for a bit of a wait.....within 3 weeks it was at my door!!! AND with free postage! So thank you Ichiban and Hirota,
I'll make sure to let everyone know THE best place to get their new dogi. Best Wishes,

Just received my Hirota Gi, wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for the excellent communication and how fast it took to come, ordered on saturday received tuesday and will be training in it tonight, will be ordering from you again. Many thanks,
Adrian Miles

Ichiban lives up to its name, No1 for product. No1 for service and No1 for customer care.
Dorian Fretwell 6th Dan SKIEF. Chief Instructor London & Home Counties SKI (GB)

Dear Elena Floris, May I take this opportunity to thank you SO much for the karate gi and belt you recently sent me. The quality of the new Pinack gi is excellent, as is the quality of the black silk belt I received. I would also like to thank you for the trouble you took in ensuring I received the goods as soon as could be managed. It is clear to me that you do not just run a business, but that you want to do your very best to help people. I am delighted with the goods, and I am so grateful for your kindness and high quality of service. Thank you  so much from one very happy Ichiban customer!
Kindest regards, Graham Knight

Dear Elena, I just received my new Gi and it is amazing!
Thank you so much for your help your such an angel! God bless

Dear Ms. Floris,
I have received the belt in good condition. It is beautiful. Thank you very much!
Kind regards,
Timothy Cnossen (Netherlands)

Thank you for quick reply on my order. I received it last night I am very happy with my purchase.
Your truly Maureen Hunter (Calgary - Canada)

Elena, you've been wonderful, thank you!!
Catherine (South Africa)

Dear Ichiban, many thanks , the gi looks fab! look forward to many more! Best wishes
Bob Denny

I received my Hirota MH-11 middleweight dogi today and the product was on par with the level of service I received from Ichiban Direct.
I needed the dogi in a hurry for a class and Ichiban was immediate in their response and worked with me on a custom shipping option.
Ichiban is a shining example of how to do business on the web: transparent, communicative, and customer service oriented.
Within 24 hours I had the dogi at my doorstep. Thanks again for your excellent service.
I would highly recommend Ichiban International and their top quality service and products to any potential dogi buyer
Chris Zimmerman (Denmark)

The World Kobukan Federation, when deciding to appoint an official karate suit and belt manufacturer, looked carefully at the best in the world. Considering design, build workmanship, quality, value, service and delivery. The company that stood at the top was HIROTA JAPAN. One of the many hallmarks of HIROTA is the attention to detail. ICHIBAN INTERNATIONAL run by Elena Floris and her staff is the ideal conduit to help you acquire the finest Gi & Belts in the world, Elena herself is a practicing Karateka at a high world level, who knows the needs of her fellow karateka and will always be on hand to assist. Thank you for the hard work you put in on my behalf... regarding the Gi and Obi..both are great.
World Kobukan Federation, President
Ronnie Colwell 9th Dan The WUKO (World Union of Karate-Do Organizations) World Chief Supervisor of the Tecnical Commission.

Hirota is an excellent brand. Made to measure Pinack is my choice. Customised fitting allows excellent movement when teaching and training. Light for when travelling!
Yasuyuki Aragane, 8th Dan Shotokan Karate, Tokyo (Japan)

The process of obtaining the gi was simple and direct, with helpful and attentive Ichiban International staff, clear instruction given on how to measure and it arriving well within the specified time frame.  The gi itself is an excellent fit, with a build quality far superior to other supposed high quality martial arts wear.  It has proven itself to be both comfortable and durable during spirited kata and kumite sessions alike.
KR Darren (London)

I never wear any other suit again. Ichiban made it so easy to order my personalised suit. The translation is so nice and beautiful. The embroidery is of such refinement. Ichiban deliver on all their promises. Thanks to you all for making it such a nice experience to deal with you.
Philippe Merlot (France)

I found Ichiban International to be the perfect company to supply my karate suits. The service was quick and efficient. I found Elena Floris to be very knowledgeable and professional in assisting me in making an informed choice. Passion, skill, integrity are the hallmarks of Elena. As a practitioner of karate Elena is also passionate about the difference karate can make in the lives of people and the ease with which it can be done. She brings this same passion to Ichiban International her karate supplies business. This lady knows her material and stays on the cutting edge of karate products from Japan. What I like the most about Ichiban International under the stewardship of Elena Floris is the integrity with which she operates whether she is teaching karate or looking after customers. If you want first class customer service, fast secure and safe transactions, good communication, then Ichiban International should be your first choice supplier.
K. Ajose (Saudi Arabia)

I ordered my embroidered black belt from Ichiban when I gained my 1st Dan. I’d had a very specific idea of what I wanted on my belt when I finally earned it, but I struggled to find a company who were able to do it – most had formulaic options (e.g. association name and Dan number) and were unable to deviate from those. I e-mailed Ichiban to make enquiries and Ms Floris called me back and had a long discussion with me about how to achieve what I wanted. I also wanted the embroidery in an usual colour, but they were extremely accommodating. My belt arrived on time and is absolutely beautiful – everyone I have shown it to has thought so, and my Sensei was especially impressed when he saw it!
Emma McCarthy (UK)

Thankyou for processing the order so quickly. I am very pleased with my belt and have worn it with pride. It was admired by a lot of my fellow students. 
Senga Cameron (UK)

I have purchased several karate gis from Ichiban International over the years and have found the service and the experience very professional, quick and excellent value for money. The people are very helpful and easy to work with, ensuring a quality product in very reasonable time. I recommend Ichiban International to support all serious practitioners of Martial Arts.      
Michael Rice, Architect and KarateKa

Size guide

Ichiban International size chart

Chart 1 - Ready Made (From Ichiban Stock)


Chart 2 - Ready Made - Slim and High Waist


Belt Formula






Please stretch out flat before measuring



Chart 1 - Ready-Made (from Ichiban stock) - for Pinack, Heavy Weight MH-10 and Medium Weight MH-11 gis.

All sizes are in centimetres

Assuming you order the correct size the arm sleeve length will fall one third up between the wrist and the elbow. The leg length will be just above the ankle. 

If you like wearing a shorter sleeve and shorter trousers Ichiban recommend you order a part made to measure suit (giving exact dimensions of sleeves and legs). The sizes go according to the person’s height. Every person comes in different shapes and sizes, therefore Ichiban has created the above chart to assist you in choosing the correct size.  Please note that this is only a guideline. Dimensions may vary slightly from one batch to another. Please e-mail Ichiban if you need further assistance.






Please stretch out flat before measuring


Chart 2 - Ready-Made - Slim & High Waist type (from Ichiban stock) - for Pinack and Tsubasa Kumite gis.

All sizes are in centimetres

Assuming you order the correct size the arm sleeve length will fall one third up between the wrist and the elbow. The leg length will be just above the ankle. 

If you like wearing a shorter sleeve and shorter trousers Ichiban recommend you order a part made to measure suit (giving exact dimensions of sleeves and legs). The sizes go according to the person’s height. Every person comes in different shapes and sizes, therefore Ichiban has created the above chart to assist you in choosing the correct size.  Please note that this is only a guideline. Dimensions may vary slightly from one batch to another. Please e-mail Ichiban if you need further assistance.





Belt length - see formula below.


When the belt is made up, lift both ends and ensure that they do not pass your chin.
This is to prevent it from slapping your face when kicking.

To assist you could apply the following formula:

for the Regular belt (4cm width) :
• (Waist in cm) x 2 + 110 to 120 cm (depending on if you want a standard length belt or long hanging belt. This can in turn be dependent on the amount of embroidery.)

for the the Wide belt (4.5cm width):
• (waist in cm) x 2 + 120 to 130cm (depending on if you want a standard length belt or long hanging belt. This can in turn be dependent on the amount of embroidery.)